Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2012
October 17 - 20

Award Nominations


The award for Excellence in Teaching to a High School Teacher in the region is sponsored by the Division of Chemical Education.  


Please fill out the form attached here.

Purpose: To recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding teachers of high school chemistry in the Rocky Mountain Region.  The Rocky Mountain Region of the ACS consists of the following Local Sections:  Central Arizona, Central New Mexico, Central Utah, Colorado, Salt Lake, Southern Arizona and Wyoming

Nature: The Region Award consists of a $1, 000 cash award and a plaque.

Rules of Eligibility: Any individual, except a member of the award selection committee or currently enrolled student of the nominee, may submit one nomination or support form in any given year.  Local Sections within the Region are especially encouraged to submit nominations for the award.  The nominee must be actively engaged in the teaching of chemistry or a chemical science in a high school (grades 9-12) on at least a half-time basis.  The nomination should clearly demonstrate as many of the following attributes as possible:

·         The quality of the nominee’s teaching; unusually effective methods of presentation should be emphasized;

·         The nominee’s ability to challenge and inspire students;

·         Extracurricular work in chemistry or a chemical science by the nominee, including science fairs, science clubs, and activities that stimulate the interest of young people in chemistry and related sciences;

·         A willingness to keep up-to-date in the field, as evidenced by the pursuit of a higher degree in chemistry or a chemical science, enrollment in refresher courses and summer institutes, regular attendance at scientific meetings, membership in professional organizations, and other means of self-improvement;

·         Evidence of leadership and/or active involvement within the profession.

Required components:

1.     A complete application that consists of the Nominee Information Form, the Nominator Information Form, the Nominator Recommendation of not more than 1,000 words submitted by the nominator according to the guidelines outlined on the Recommendation Form.

2.     A curriculum vitae or resume that includes a list of the nominee’s honors, professional activities, and additional evidence of service to the profession.  This must be limited to no more than two pages and the activities listed must have occurred within the past five years.

3.     At least one, but not more than three, letters of support.  One must be from the teacher’s current principal or supervisor.  Additional letters of support may be sent by colleagues, members of the American Chemical Society who are familiar with the nominee’s achievements, or former students and parents of former students.


The E. Ann Nalley Award for Volunteer Service.  

 Nomination form here.

Purpose: To recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their Regional Activities.


Nature and Establishment: This award was instituted in 2006 by ACS President E. Ann Nalley as part of her presidential initiative to recognize ACS volunteerism.   It was Dr. Nalley’s wish that the award continue in perpetuity at each regional meeting.  The award consists of a plaque honoring the recipient with an imbedded medallion commemorating Dr. Nalley. 


Rules of Eligibility: A nominee must be a member of the American Chemical Society residing in a local section within the region, and will have made significant contributions to their Region of the American Chemical Society. The volunteerism to be recognized may include a variety of activities, including but not limited to the initiation or sponsorship of a singular endeavor or exemplary leadership in the region. Past and present members of the ACS Board of Directors and staff are ineligible for this award.


Stanley Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences.

Apply online by August 3. 

ACS Committee on Minority Affairs

The Stanley C. Israel Regional Award recognizes individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.

The award consists of a medal and a $1,000 grant to support and further the activities for which the award was made. The award also will include funding to cover the recipient’s travel expenses to the ACS regional meeting at which the award will be presented.

Nominees may come from academia, industry, government, or independent entities, and may also be organizations, including ACS Local Sections and Divisions. The nominee must have created and fostered ongoing programs or activities that result in increased numbers of persons from diverse and underrepresented minority groups, persons with disabilities, or women who participate in the chemical enterprise.  The nomination package must include:

  • A letter of nomination
  • A CV or resume containing relevant diversity promotion activities and factual data on outcomes
  • At least one, but no more than three supportive letters, one of which must come from the nominee’s ACS Local Section. Mailing address, phone number